Physician EHR Workflow Simplification

Simplify physician workflow for decreased administrative burden with documentation and coding


While the electronic health record (EHR) has vastly improved patient care in many ways, it is also a major source of physician dissatisfaction and burn-out. A recent study by the AMA has found primary care physicians spending almost six hours daily on EHR data entry alone. In the outpatient setting, the EHR is the physician’s main tool for clinical documentation and point-of-care coding functions. With the conversion to ICD-10-CM, many of these tools have found to be inadequate to meet physician needs. This is further compounded by the physicians’ lack of coding and documentation expertise required for accurate coding. Further, EHR physician coding and documentation tools were rarely implemented in a purposeful manner and many times were configured incorrectly leading to improper coding.

Bringing the solution back to the physician

Managing the physician practice revenue cycle functions in a point-of-care coding environment, requires resources that understand not only clinical documentation requirements, but also physician operations, EHR billing configurations, and the physician specialty clinic workflow environment. Recognizing this need, HCS Consulting has developed a solution that is physician-centric and focused on simplifying the physician EHR workflow to reduce administrative burden.



Simplified physician EHR coding process.

Decreased physician time / administrative burden.

Physician EHR best practices for task completion.

Improved physician efficiency with the EHR coding process.

Improved functionality and re-configuration of EHR physician tools.

Improved documentation specificity and coding accuracy.

Effective management of the problem list for optimal HCC capture.

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